Dara Lamb

“When I understood the power wardrobe has to influence not just how others see you, but how you see yourself, I made it my mission to help women use their wardrobes “strategically” to support their leadership, amplify their messages and accomplish the goals they aspire to.

Dara Lamb and evoke work with women who are leaders in their fields and have risen to the top of their professions. Women whose personal brand and legacy are critical to their success and wellbeing.

Both organizations pride themselves in being experience-rich. We have complimentary strategies for discovering the essence of a leader’s personal brand.

  • Clear, complimentary communication tools ensure key stakeholders are engaged with each leader’s unique skills, points of view, messages and persona.
  • We work with C-suite leaders to thoroughly define their personal brands, which includes style, image and wardrobe. Dara brings years of experience working with successful businesswomen to accomplish this task.